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Mitos Photos Box
Limited Edition

Get a license for presentation rights and create your own exhibition!

Mitos Photos Box is an innovative and affordable solution for institutions, companies and organisations, to educate and bring awareness to the causes they are passionate about and are aligned with. It’s easy, flexible and interactive display methods allow you to create your own exhibition catered to your own space.

Each box contains prints and the license to the presentation rights of this exhibition for a duration of one year.

Please note, there are limited sets of this Mitos Photos Box licensed globally. We work strictly on a first come, first serve basis.

Mitos Photos Box at Olympic Stadium of Athens. GREECE. 2021.
Mitos Photos Box at Photometria Photography Center. GREECE 2021.
Mitos Photos Box at Bar Vlaha. Boston. USA. 2023.
Mitos Photos Box at Art Gallery ‘Hestia’. Belgrade. SERBIA. 2023.

Mitos Photos Box at this rustic Greek restaurant in Boston 🇺🇸
Bar Vlaha has arrived, along with its celebrations of regional Grecian dining.
Regional Greek food in America has yet to see its heyday, but a local Greek restaurant group is aiming to change the cuisine’s trajectory. Boston will be home to what may be the first restaurant in the U.S. to celebrate the food of the Vlachs, an ethnic group of nomadic shepherds in northern and central Greece. “It’s kind of the Greece that’s a little off the beaten track,” says culinary director Brendan Pelley.
– 3 prints, 80cm x 80cm
– 1 print, 120cm x 120cm
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