Exploring the faith and community of Greece’s extraordinary folk culture.

Mitos Project
The “Mitos” project is an ongoing ethnographic tribute that focuses on local costumes throughout Greece. The thread takes on symbolic dimensions and seeks to highlight popular culture and folk art seen in a contemporary context. The natural and cultural environment is the background that is associated with the “costumes” while the protagonists are always the people.
Ethos Project
Michael Pappas make images of customs and traditional events in Greece. His images are being published internationally, including National Geographic, VICE US and more. The exhibition at the Benaki Museum presented for the first time to the Athenian public, images that the photographer have made over the last 7 years during his visits to traditional events in Greece.
His love of human-centered pictures, as well as rural Greece, prompted to create images during local traditional events and to produce a more experiential work. His goal is to communicate their personal quests and the respective conclusions to the general public through the art of photography.
Benaki Museum, Musee Fragonard, National Geographic, VICE|US

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