“Michael Pappas portfolio reflect the complexity and richness of modern Greek culture, displaying a mix of rituals that may be Orthodox, Shiite, Pagan or syncretistic in origin.

Purpuris is something of a “Dionysian” practice that is blended with the festivities of the Christmas season. In the shots presented by the photographer, we find a small community coming together in a cold, grey-brown landscape that is animated by bright red, yellow and green fabrics. A genuinely joyful theatre is executed amid a simple life of limited resources. A spirit of gratitude and unity, a positive outlook despite one’s hardships is easily evident.”

“The medium-format portraits depict Michael Pappas’ compatriots adorned in traditional garb and set against a diversity of eye-catching backdrops.

Invariably characterised by rich colours, textures, and dexterous use of light, they possess a painting-like quality that befits the socio-historical subject matter and arrests and intrigues with striking immediacy.” 

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The Book of Ten